A downloadable game for Windows

Take control of Flare, a malware cop that must go inside the cyberspace to manually get rid of those annoying bugs. Jump your way up and shoot your enemies through to get to the end of this demo level.

To protect you from the hostile environment, you are protected by a serialization sphere that will allow you to control drones to shoot in 360º. But be careful, as moving with the ball is harder than it seems! You will have to master the use of your boosters if you want to make the hardest jumps.

Entry for 2019 Grads In Games' Rising Star Game Programming Challenge competition. 


WASD/up down left right - Move

Space - Jump

Left click - Shoot

Right click - Boosters

Mouse wheel - Zoom (scroll)/Rotate(press and drag)

Release date Jan 27, 2019
Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Made withAdobe Photoshop, Unity, Aseprite, 3ds Max
Tags3D, chiptune, Pixel Art, Sci-fi, Third Person, Third-Person Shooter
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

The game comes packed up in a .zip that can be decompressed. To open the game, just search for "Ballware.exe" inside the "Ballware" folder and execute it!


Ballware SFAS Report.pdf 349 kB
Ballware.zip 37 MB


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Your game looks and feels awesome dude! I'm in to win but I won't complain if you win :P

Thanks for your feedback and fairplay, and let the best win!

This was sick! did you make all of the game assets yourself?

Thanks! Yep, except for the main menu and game background music.

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Despite having an inspiration on another previous videogame (what game/song/book is truly original anyways) IMO, Ballware focuses more on its own, original aspects such as the pixel artstyle and the camera rotation mechanic, making it almost a FPS if taken to the max values.

I hope Ballware gets the chance to expand and see more content and progress, as I know this was made fast for the programming contest entry.

I really enjoyed making a clean run of this and helping support the game, it gave me Megaman vibes while I was at it and it actually plays better than I expected it 

Cheers and I wish they take in account this is just a DEMO and not an actual finished product and let you actually implement more content and fix whatever needs to be fixed.

Thank you so much :) yeah let's see where this goes and thank you again for the video! You saved me a lot of time.

Congratz, it could easly be ported to Android / iOS and do some good money.

that could be a great idea :) maybe add motion tracking

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Ballware looks like the Indie version of Super Monkey Ball, but it has the same music from OpenGameArt, Apart to add more levels, the game also need his own original soundtrack.

Thank you for your comment! Indeed super monkey ball is a big inspiration but I think there are enough twists to make it stand on its own :) As for the soundtrack, I had no time for this programming contest entry of doing original soundtrack but it would be there for a possible future version!